The Strength of the Love

“God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son and whosoever believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.”  (John 3:16)

Many who read the above statement think this refers to Jesus, and it does,  but thinking that way leaves out the rest of us and puts in place a theology and Christology of separation.  Can we grasp the notion that all of humankind are the begotten sons and daughters of this One Life Force we call God.

Love is fierce and fiery and fills us with a quality of surrender.

As we surrender into Love, we automatically release all of our notions, opinions and judgments as we return home to the place which our heart knows is True.   When Jesus tried to describe the power of love, he said “Jerusalem, Jerusalem… how often have I desired to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing.”  (Matthew 23:37)

It takes inner work to center ourselves in our heart.  Our emotions often get in the way for they act like the first line of defense in protecting the little self. Yet Love calls us to the alter of our heart, to sit, listen, be still and allow the soft mist of awareness to rise around and within us, clothing us in a sense of equanimity and gratitude for life.

Love and heaven go together but are not a distant place.  Divine love, as our co-founder Myrtle Fillmore says moves through us and blesses us.  We can experience Divine Love when we move our attention from our mind and abide in our heart space.

When I was studying to become a Licensed Unity Teacher and was away at Unity Village, I recall the moment that I chose to take the steps necessary to enter the Unity Ministerial program.  This was a daunting idea, as it called for years of study, leaving my home for Unity Village and a steadfast devotion to following this path of love.

Many who enter a Unity Center for the first time express they feel like they have “come home.”  This expression is saying, they are touching their heart space and like the prodigal son/daughter they have found their way back to the Father/Mother. They have let themselves experience Oneness.

Unity is a mystical, spiritual path.  It is a Path of Love.  Charles Fillmore created a uniquely Unity Spiritual framework for us to work with our Power Centers, these Power Centers are based on the 12 disciples of Jesus and we can call upon these Centers to help us awaken and stay conscious to the Truth that as Elizabeth Barret Browning writes, “Earth’s crammed with heaven, and every common bush afire with God; But only he who sees takes off his shoes…”


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