The Voice of God

Have you ever known something to be right for you yet there were conflicting voices about your choices?

When I was a child, I spent many summers in England with my nana.  She was versant in gardening, the healing properties of herbs. Her clarity of mind and focus was outstanding. She would practice in the kitchen, getting a spoon to bend.  I kid you not.  She was also very practical.  She was a great businesswoman, at a time when many women did not work, she ran Gurnhills, a small grocery market and bakery that she and my pop owned. She also knew the importance of taking time to rest and listen for inner guidance. Now, she did not call this listening to God, she called it listening to her angels, her intuition.  This time of rest often consisted of her going in the garden and conversing with the elementals, the fairies, she said, that helped the plants grow.

She was not the only member in my family who listened for guidance.  My Uncle Ray, who in his career, worked with Parliament would come home for lunch and  go out into the garden.  In those days, most businesses were closed for two hours in the afternoon.  He came home and rested on his chaise lounge and listened to symphonies play from his phonograph.  I recall him sitting with his arms raised as he conducted the orchestra.   He said this was the most important time of his day, as it gave him clarity and guidance to make the decisions that needed making in the afternoon.

The Bible speaks of taking time to Be still and know that I Am God (Psalm 46:10) and in (2 Corinthians 2:17) “In Christ we speak as persons of sincerity, as persons sent from God and standing in his Presence.”

What this is saying to us is that God/intuition, speaks to us with wisdom and guidance all the time.  Are we listening? What is the difference between intuition and instinct?
According to Psychology today Instinct is not a feeling, it is an innate hardwired tendency to react to stimulus in the environment.  Examples of instinct in humans are: denial, revenge, tribal loyalty.

Intuition is the subliminal processing of information. It is a learned skill and it evolves.  It does not come from a scarcity mindset for scarcity is of the ego.  It comes from a knowing, as in we know not to touch a pan sitting in a hot oven without an oven mitt.  Again, from Psychology Today,  “The Purest intuition is mostly right but when it is tinged with thought, can be wrong.”

Eric Butterworth says in Celebrate Yourself, that “we live in a field of infinite knowingness, but we are deaf to the process.

Where am I going with this today?
We are living in a challenging time with this Virus that is global.  Never has it been more clear to us how we are all interconnected.  I went for my regular doctor’s appointment yesterday and she said she was glad to see I had received my Covid-19 vaccine.  She also said that just last week, six more of her patients had been admitted to the hospital.  I said I was a little concerned that Dave and I are travelling to New Hampshire the end of August and she wished us a great trip.  She said “You’ve done all you can to stay well.  You  received a shot, wear a mask on the aircraft and wash your hands.  Enjoy yourself.

Those of us who have lived in Florida for many years know what it is like when a hurricane is approaching.  There are those who board up their homes;  there are those who get themselves out of Florida; and there are those who do none of that and pray for it to wobble another way.  I actually like that analogy.  It takes it out of politics and places the responsibility back on the individual to listen to their Voice of Wisdom.  I invite you to listen to your intuition when it comes to taking care of yourself but remember your choice affects us all for we truly are ONE.

Sunday August 15 at 11:15 – 12:15     (2nd Half of Workshop)
Affirmative Lifestyle Workshop  – This workshop is based on our Affirmative Prayer and takes it to another level of living Affirmatively.  Truly it is not about merely reciting words but living from an awareness that knows it has all of the wisdom, intelligence, patience and love that it needs to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.  You do not need to have taken the first half of this workshop to take the second half.  Please contact me at  772-461-2272 so that a manual can be created for you.

With deep gratitude I say “Thank you” to all who continue to support and live our spiritual teachings, keeping Unity of Fort Pierce a beacon of hope, faith, compassion, love and joy in the world.

May you Feel your wholeness
Rev Janice


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