The Wisdom of Trees

This angelic photo was taken in the Garden of Eden in Maui.  She sits overlooking a grove of beautiful trees, reminding us that it is in the giving and serving one another we all thrive.

As we walk in nature, and allow nature to enfold us, she brings us to a more peaceful state  of Being, away from all the incessant chatter of the mind.  In this space of quiet, we develop the courage to be Present and offer our hearts to the moment that is before us.

Nature allow us to dive deep into Being, for the natural world is Silence and when we sit in silence and listen we allow our soul to meet with the highest knowing.  Only then can I be a contribution to the good of all life.

The nature of trees are spiritual and they have much to teach us.  Trees may look solid and single yet there is a lot going on under the ground.  Beneath the surface trees communicate and exchange resources through a fungal network called the fungal woodwide network.

You may see a huge tree, called a mother tree,  taking in all the light and sending the nutrients to these surrounding saplings so they can grow.

The woodwide Web has been around since existence began and It shows us how we thrive when we live as interbeings.

What a teaching.  Imagine if we could be as wise as trees.

Trees also communicate though sending chemical signals to warn of danger.
How did they become so altruistic?

Trees know that If they are to thrive and be healthy, there are advantages to working and living and thriving together. When one thrives they all thrive.

This week, start a relationship with trees. Speak to the trees. Ask them to show us how to create a thriving community   Ask how I can best serve humanity?
Tap into the energy and let us share our love and light with all
I leave you with a sacred affirmation

“I offer my heart to the moment that is before me.”
Rev Janice


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