“There is no order of difficutly in miracles.” ACIM

Fun House Illusion

Being born into the human family is like being born into a Fun House.  As a kid, I recall going to shopping center fairs that would spring up each spring and fall, setting up their tilt a-whirls and Fun Houses.  There were mirrors that made one look long and thin or fat and short, all sorts of optical illusions and misrepresentations. My friend Debbie and I would crack up and come out of the ride, our stomachs feeling kind of queezie, but we’d walk it off and go get some cotton candy.

Likewise, sometimes we forget that we live in a universe that is governed by Universal laws or  spiritual laws.  We may tend to think there is a realm called “physical laws” and that these laws are subject to “mental laws,” and that these mental laws are subject to “spiritual laws,”  but that is the illusion, the Fun House, so to speak.

Step out of the Fun house, let your tummy settle, your mind calm and notice There are no physical, mental and spiritual laws, there is only God’s Laws.  Just as we notice there is no body, mind and spirit, there is only Spirit expressing as a bodymind. God/Nature/Humankind is One.

How does knowing this help us live today? 

Jesus, our wayshower did not use “Higher Laws” to heal the sick.  He connected with Source.  He was at One with God, One with the Universe.  He was able to tap into the Storehouse/Kingdom/Energy that is available to all of us as we shift our perception beneath the objective phenomena and touch the Source.  Remember His promise.  “He who believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do.” (John 14:12) 

This Sunday after service we will hold a membership class. Join us and say yes to your spiritual growth.  Let us step out of the Fun House, become still and see what together we can co-create when we are awakened and filled with possibilities.
Rev Janice


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