Things come and go but Love is eternal

Meister Eckhart preached “Saint Peter said, “We have left all things.”  Saint James said “We have given up all things.  “Saint John said “We have nothing left.”  Whereupon Brother Eckhart asks: When do you we leave all things?  When we leave everything conceivable, everything expressible, everything conceivable, everything audible, everything visible – then and then only we give up all things. When in this sense we give up all, we become flooded with light, exceedingly bright with God.”

The above passage comes from Meister Eckhart’s’ Sermons, Writings and Sayings.  Before we think we need to give away every item we own and take a vow of poverty.  Ask what am I holding onto in my mind that blocks my ability to be aware of the Love in which I live and move and have my Being?

When I was younger I thought that  things could bring me happiness.  There are still times when the desire to acquire something, or have something go my way,  arises in me and the craving can consume my attention.   There is nothing wrong with things in themselves,  but it is the notion that things can bring to us a sense of wholeness, completeness, happiness.  That is the illusion which masterful advertising tries to create in us.  Actually, when you notice the ads, they are promising happier relationships brought about because of purchasing things.  Again, nothing wrong with things, our capitalism is based on purchasing things.  Yet the moment a thing is brought into our lives, it starts to deteriorate and leave. And the accumulation of too many things can turn into a mental addiction, a distress call,  which needs compassion, understanding and awareness brought to it.  This is also true even in our relationships.

What I am getting at here is that Love is who we are and Love does not depend on nor does it come from things, even relationships with others. We can find love and comfort in relationships, absolutely and I appreciate and honor all the relationships in my life.  However  Love is not dependent on any of them,  for Love is eternally ours and relationships are visible expressions of the unending Love that is everywhere Present.

How does this mystical awareness help us live a practical life today?

The word mystical only implies to look under the appearances of things and into the heart of what it is we are craving.  A plant reaches for the light, it’s flowering is its nature. Birds hold open their wings to absorb the sunlight’s energy.  Animals cohabitate and thrive in their natural environment.  Biodiversity is key in the wild for all animals to thrive.  It is a delicate ecological balance.  Yet humans often think themselves out of their natural environment and forget that diversity is an expression of the eternality of Love which brings about harmony and Unity for all creatures on earth.  So what does this have to do with things coming and going?

Everything is in an eternal state of being born and leaving our sight.  But insight tells us what we are beholding is ourselves in our many expressions of Love.

See it Right,
Rev Janice


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