‘”Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles.”


Today is a day of waiting.  As I write this article, the polls have just opened and we await the count and results.  Also Hurricane Nicole is on her way.  Currently a strong tropical storm with category one winds.
And so we wait.

Many don’t like to wait, and yet truthfully, life is in the midst of waiting. When we think of ourselves as a separate object and that the visible world of nature and all of creation is something apart and other than us, we forget that it is the energies of processing and life processes through us.

It’s what we do with life while we wait and watch the process that gives our individual life meaning.

I heard a story of a Hindu philosopher who was discoursing beautifully to some friends upon the joys of the meditative life and the bliss of Nirvana when he was interrupted by the cries outside his window of a child who was dying of cold and exposure.  The philosopher rose quietly, went to the window and shut out the sound.

Unity teachings, meditation, contemplation, are tools we use not to separate us but to give us an experience of Oneness which dissolves the illusion of separation so that we can reach out and support each other while we are being processes by Life.

Love to all,


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