To Be Awake is to Be in Love

Join us on Sunday as we look into the practical application of the commandment: “Love one another as I have loved you.” (John 13:34)

we want to come awake and live fully, we want to cultivate our faith and wisdom and allow love to be expressed through us.  To Live awake to all the good that is available to us right now.

To come awake, is the same as saying we want to love.  If we want freedom, joy and peace – the first thing to realize is that our suffering comes from our mental imaginings that something is missing. (attachments)

There is nothing in the world that can bring us happiness, and fulfillment.  Yet once we notice our thinking,  we can let go of the mental concepts that take hold of our mind, allowing Spirit to rush in and fill us full of Love.

Fr. Anthony DeMello gives us a story:
A rich businessman from the North was horrified to find the Southern fisherman lying in his boat, just relaxing.

Rich man:  “Why aren’t you out fishing?”
Fisherman: “Because I have caught enough fish for the day.  ”
Rich man: “Why don’t you catch more?”
Fisherman:  “What would I do with it?”
Rich man: You could earn more money. You could fix your boat so you could go out into deeper waters and catch bigger fish which would give you even more money.  Soon you would have enough to own two boats and maybe a fleet of boats. Then you would be rich like me.”
Fisherman: “What would I do then?”
Rich man: “Then you could enjoy life.”
Fisherman: “What do you think I am doing right now.”

Let us enjoy life Now.
Rev Janice


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