Who are you choosing to Be?

Life is everywhere, in and through all of creation.  Our co-founder Myrtle Fillmore wrote “…rest quietly and happily in reality.  As we do this a real transformation will be worked in us and for us.”  (How to Let God Help You).

What does it mean to rest in Reality? As Myrtle indicates there seems to be a universal lack of understanding of the Truth of Being.  This Truth is we are Spirit, Love incarnate, Wisdom resides within us.  When we rest in this Reality, we realize we can align ourselves with our inner resources, our centers of power.

When we perceive challenges, enter the Silence.  The shift is to remember these challenges are not outside of us, they are not against us, but inside of us, and for us.   As co-creators of our experience, we are the ones that give that which is happening around us, it’s meaning .

Joseph Campbell wrote, “Life is without meaning. YOU bring the meaning to it.  The meaning is whatever you decide for it to be.  Being fully alive is the meaning.”

Life is a school.  We are born from Mother earth; as we cultivate our awareness of our oneness with God, the Source of all being, our vibration rises and we become more translucent for the energy of love that we are – to move in and through us into the world.

Halloween is a time of masks, jack o lanterns, ghosts and goblins. May we take off our earthly masks and roles, returning our awareness to our True nature and ask ourselves who are we choosing to be?

A scare crow with an open mind?
A Lion with a heart of courage
A tin man with a huge heart?
A Light in the world?
An expression of Divine Love?

Rev Janice

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