Tree Top Vision

When Steve and I were vacationing in Vancouver  in May, we walked across the Capilano suspension bridge and entered a forest of trees, from a higher elevation.
This view of walking along the boardwalks was breathtaking,  for you looked down onto the treetops and could see birds and other wildlife.  Seeing from a higher perspective we were able to see how all of nature interconnects, creating such spectacular beauty and harmony.

Spiritual practice is like walking across a suspension bridge,  for it momentarily suspends us from our concerns and lifts our awareness up, where we are able to see a bigger picture,  the whole picture.

In order for there to be a forest, there needs to be all the trees and likewise for us to have a healthy community, or society we need to have spiritually awake people who are aware of our interconnection,  and how we need to serve, support and empower one another in order to live in harmony with our true nature.

A tree top vision is breathtaking.  It reminds me of our way shower Jesus, who said in (John 12:32)  ‘I when I am lifted up draw all men to me.”

Metaphysically, when our vision is lifted up, we are able to release our prejudice and conditioned consciousness.  The view becomes clear – This higher perspective,  helps us to realize that we truly are One Human Family.

Rev Janice


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