Unconscious/Conscious Living

You cannot un-ring a bell.  You cannot step into the same river twice.

We are born into a world of appearances of duality, yet beneath that world of duality/appearances is a field, beyond right or wrong, a field that sees not duality but polarity, not right or wrong but both/and, not contemporary wisdom but spiritual principle as the foundation of life.

In the world of form, we have a choice as to how to respond/react. If we enter into the stillness,  beyond all form, we create in us a spaciousness where we actually have more freedom to choose, because we can see from a bigger picture.  We are not caught up in the heat of the moment but we see from the Reality of Spirit which includes the consequences of our decisions.

We always have to live out our choices, so it’s best we be conscious when we make those choices. In the book Holy Moments the author, Matthew Kelly,  writes how one unconscious choice he made when he was 19 years old resulted in his  being incarcerated for over 40 years.  He further wrote how he wished  he could go back in time and tell that young man to stay home, but he couldn’t.

We can only see what our consciousness is ready to see, and ready to accept.  Unity Principles teach us to develop the courage to question our own thoughts, to engage in self-inquiry.  When we do, we become the peacekeepers, like Gandhi, who was a person who could calm a violent crowd.

Vengeance,  retaliation, retribution, are clarion calls of the ego which is the King of unconsciousness.  “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.”  Romans 12:17

The mark of a True Christian is to respond in Love.  When our way-shower Jesus faced such a crowd, he stood silent for he was consciously aware that he was not of this world.  So awake was he, that he could pray, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”   This was a prayer that those who sentenced him to death would not face such acts of unconsciousness themselves.

On Sunday April 28 I invite you to join me in a workshop where we discuss what it means to be LIVE from Spirit.  It is a call for living consciously in a world that many run on automation, parroting beliefs and programs they have internalized.  The choice is always ours. We must take 100 percent accountability for ourselves and not fall into the blame, shame and projection game.

We may not be called on to face multitudes or to calm the storms of nations but To be LIVE from Spirit is to give forgiveness, compassion and acceptance to ourselves, to calm the storms in our own being; to touch the peace that passes understanding within us so that we can create peace in our own homes, and look for and see the beauty and potentiality within our own children, friends, and family and nation.

Blessings on our journey Home,
Rev Janice


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