Unity CommUnity Prayers for Peace & Open House

What is happening to the people in the Gaza strip is heart wrenching. This energy of ancient hatred that is boiling over today is nothing new.  Jesus never lived in a time of peace, he brought a way of peace.  Buddha never lived in a time of peace, he brought peace. Masters of every faith tradition understand that the world is a representation of the hearts and minds of humankind. Each person from every culture lives from programmed beliefs, traditions, and mindsets.

It is the trance of those programs we want to wake up from.

In Galatians 3:28 we read “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor freeman, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

But first we have to put on this Christ Mind, embody this Buddha nature, Let our light shine.

We carry within us three different brains, evolved over millions of years. Stacked over one another each of us has the brain of a reptile; the brain of a mammal and the brain of the earliest human beings – Only as we transcend our own consciousness can we can transcend the violence and fear brought about by separation and our own cultural programming.

Through noticing, observing and breathing, we uplift ourselves from the “cause and effect” of the world by taking ourselves above the reptilian brain – above the beating of the war drums and we can align with the greater whole, that place where we experience a mystical alignment as Jesus did when he said “The Father and I are One.”  Where Rumi calls us to meet, where mystics throughout the ages have promised is here now.

Join us on Saturday from 3 – 5pm as we share music, meditation, message, and prayers intentionally shifting our consciousness onto Love, onto Peace, onto knowing that there is no super man/woman who will save us.  Join us and bring a friend to discover and realize  that is up to us to shift our thinking, shift our identity into Spirit and live knowing that all of creation is God expressing.

A love offering will be taken, and all donations will go to International Red Cross Relief Fund for the Middle East.


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