Unity World Day of Prayer

“The Healing Light of Love”

The thing about Affirmative Prayer is that it works when you work it.  The most common request I receive is prayers for healing.

The truth is, the only true prayer, is to realize our Oneness, our interconnection and interbeingness.

Our beautiful mind will take us on a roller coaster ride, of illusions which can be fun but when we can “Be still and know,” then we open ourselves to the currents of healing love which lives us.

I recall when I was moved from the ICU into a regular room in the hospital.  I had just walked for the first time in 16 days and my heart was racing. I thought I was going to have a heart attack and was frightened.  A nurse came in and she started to rub my legs saying, “Baby you’ve got to chose to live.”

Those words stayed with me. We’ve got to choose to be Present and to live fully. That is what Affirmative Prayer helps us with.
It brings us out from the story so that we can affirm the true nature of our Being as Spirit and allow Spirit to center us into and awareness of our Wholeness.

Join us at Unity of Fort Pierce Thursday September 14 at 7 pm for some music, message and affirmative prayer for healing of ourselves and our world.

Rev Janice


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