Uplifting the Economy with Spiritual Principles

We are in the last week of our Prosperity Series based on Prosperity by Charles Fillmore, Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth and The Soul of Money by Lynn Twist.

One of the many things these books have in common is inviting us to lift our thinking above the woes of the world or, as Lynne Twist calls it, “The Great Lie of Scarcity.” Lift our thoughts up into creating and imagining and experiencing the exquisite sufficiency that is everywhere present and available to supply all of our needs. As we release the veil of separation and dismantle the policies of exclusion, we see clearly that we live in Spiritual substance.

Spiritual laws are backward from the world and often make no sense to those who have not awakened or touched the realm of Spirit.  Yet Spirit is the foundation of all life and without Spirit there could not be body nor mind. Words can be challenging, for they trigger dualistic thinking when the truth is Spirit cannot be defined by words and, as Eric Butterworth says, Spirit cannot be more in one person than another.

What does this have to do with our economy and how we use our money?

When we base our thinking on the world around us, our thoughts can spiral into fearful thinking and our emotions drain our energy. Ellen Rogin CPA has more than two decades of experience as a financial adviser. She writes in her book Picture Your Prosperity that worry over scarcity is detrimental to financial health. She explains that IQ actually drops and the ability to problem solve diminishes. Rogin advises to focus on what you want to happen rather than obsess over what you are scared could happen.

We uplift ourselves from this fearful pattern and see behind this Great Lie of Scarcity by putting ourselves into the Law of Circulation and practicing the Four Keys to Living a Prosperous Life. Join us or tune in this Sunday, August 18, and receive these Keys. If you missed it, listen to the message on SoundCloud.


Rev. Janice


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