What does it mean to be Christian?

“A New commandment.”
Jesus gave us a new commandment, ” Just as I have loved you , you also should love one another.” (John 13:34)

This may sound like a big ask. How can we do that?

Jesus never said we must teach people HOW to love. He said that people will know us by HOW we love.

Actually, we get our ego-self out of the way so the love that surrounds and infills us flows through us into every relationship and situation.

When we are centered in our Source, we experience even the most challenging situations in a clearer, more forgiving perspective.  Every situation we face helps us build our inner  capacity to respond (which is heaven sent) or we let our ego react which is (hell bent) in its  thinking.

Responsiveness takes practice, inner discipline and focus.  Yet our inner world, the world of experience shows that the calmness we experience is proof we are growing spiritually and the inner reward is gratitude.
Rev Janice Cary


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