When you know the Truth the Truth will make you free. (John 8:32)

Lessons in Truth

This Sunday, January 12, we begin again with looking at Emily Cady’s book, Lessons in Truth. If I could choose one book to help us shift our mind from limitations and error thinking this is the one I would choose.  It has been called a basic primary book for Unity teachings and the wisdom in this book is timeless.

Lessons in Truth is alive because Truth is never old. It meets you and every generation where you are.  Lessons in Truth was the first book recommended to me by my minister when I first came to Unity and I use it every year to refresh and remember the absolute Truth that:

  • There is no real lack anywhere. Stop believing in this lie and speak abundance.
  • There is no sickness. Stop believing this lie and claim health.
  • There is no evil. Stop believing this lie and speak the Truth that there is only God.

There is only God through all things, in all things, expressing as all things. This is true in our bodies, in our finances, in our circumstances – Truth waits to be called forth into manifestation. Holding this Truth in mind,  we live in an inexhaustible resource of Spirit which is equal to every demand. There is no reality in lack. Abundance is here and now manifest.

Recognize this, acknowledge this, walk this path and let God Flow for…
God is. God is all. God is all I Am and God is manifest because there is nothing else to manifest.

Also, this Sunday, at 11:30 stay for a Unity Basic Membership class. We discuss in depth Unity’s Five Basic Principles and see how they are relevant to living a truly fulfilling life.

Join us Sunday at 10 as we ask Bondage or Liberty?
Rev Janice


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