“Where two or more are gathered together in my name I am there among them.” (Matthew 18:20)

Have you noticed how many classes are ongoing at our spiritual center?  Every day there are so many people who walk through our doors. Whether they join us on Sundays for our service, Wednesdays for meditation, Mondays for A Course in Miracles, Tuesdays for Yoga, Thursdays for Pilates or Fridays for Tai Chi or Reiki.  The intention that brings them to our center is because they have an interest in taking care of their health.

This is healthcare in action.

When politicians debate over whether healthcare is the right of every American citizen, I agree with Marianne Williamson’s assessment that politicians are talking about  “sick care.”  Healthcare or Wellness care starts with our first breath, and is nurtured by our parents and caregivers.  Healthcare is instilling into ourselves and modeling for our children healthy ways of thinking, healthy habits, healthy nutrition and exercise that honors and supports one’s whole Being,  Body/Mind/Spirit.  Healthcare is having the vision to see our kinship with each other, with nature and it’s first expression is in the quality, depth and fullness of our breath.

We have a beautiful mind, yet we are en-cultured and programmed into seeing ourselves and others from a dimmed perspective.   We all have times when we feel down.  Usually it indicates that we are needing a little rest, but if we ignore our need to stop, breath and center,  we can fall into a loop of error thinking that manifests in unhealthy behaviors, habits, and addictions.

Our health is in our breath.

I once sat with a woman in the hospital who was having a difficult time breathing due to pneumonia.  We spoke very little, but I asked and received permission to do some Reiki on her.  I invited her to close her eyes and breathe with me.  Within ten minutes she relaxed and her breathing deepened.

In my experience there is nothing more frightening than not being able to take a deep breath.  Yet when we enter into mindful breathing it takes us into the space between the breaths into the gap, where a spaciousness opens.

“Where two or more are gathered”  (thoughts and feelings)  “in my name”  (in this way) “I am there among them.”  (Presence of Peace).

Rev Janice


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