White Stone Therapy

In our Burning Bowl ceremony we did some yoga, chanting and drumming to rid ourselves of the cellular debris that gets stuck in our bodies.  This debris can cause us to repeat the same unhealthy lifestyle patterns.   We have released the  ideas, notions, and  limiting conversations that we have accepted as ours because we had been open to the energy of misperception.

And now, how do we want to experience 2020?

Rather than setting resolutions or goals to DO something.  Our White Stone Ceremony is a renewal process of Consciousness that  takes place within.  All of the past nonsense was like a prison to you, but now you are free to go and be and do anything you choose. Anything you can believe and conceive – you can be and do.

A white stone ceremony is an ancient ceremony which symbolizes a person has been released from bondage of some kind and the quality you choose to place on this white stone is your choice because you are free to Be and embody this quality.  You do not have to feel diminished by anyone or anything ever again!
Every name represents certain qualities and so we are calling forth qualities we want to express in 2020.

The Heading of this article says “Therapy,” and that is not a mistake for when we call forth a quality from our Soul, we are certain to be faced with opportunities in which to strengthen this quality in us until it becomes our Nature.

So what would you like To Be in 2020?

In Revelations, John talks about the people being given a new name. ‘Let anyone who has an ear listen, to what the Spirit is saying to the churches.’ (The churches were those people whose thoughts were turned towards God.) ‘To everyone who conquers I will give some of the hidden manna.’ (To all who see beyond the appearances, I will give all that is needed.)
John is referring to the inner ear, the ear that hears “the still small voice.”

On Sunday we will listen for a quality or name to surface.  No one can tell you what the name or quality will be, that comes from deep within you. Only You can write on the stone what you choose to embody in 2020.
Will you Be Abundant?  Peaceful? Healthy? Poised?  Will you hear Creativity?  Confidence? Strength?
In your Mind, place the Words: “I Am” before any quality you choose and see how it resonates within you?  Listen deeply by getting out of our intellect and into our hearts.
Then this White Stone becomes your Affirmation to Be, express and respond in this Way so that you experience more joy, beauty, abundance and every good you can conceive in 2020.

Healthy, Happy, Prosperous New Year,
Rev Janice

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