We are in the last week of our class, Living from a Place of Surrender based on Michael Singer’s book, The Untethered Soul. 

Leading this class has given me a greater understanding of how we are as Human Beings and how, even from our best intentions, we can create chaos and suffering in our world.  The best part of noticing this is that it shows us how to get out from the conflicts of the programmed personal mind/heart/ego and live in the world from our True self, our Higher Self that is aware of our wholeness, our spiritual oneness.

When we are behind the bars of our beliefs and fears,  we cannot see the beauty, joy and love in front of us for our mind has been captured by idolatry,  beliefs we insist upon enforcing.  Surrendering is to pull back from behind the world of experience, thoughts and emotions so that we glimpse how beautiful our Soul truly is.

In the Bible this soulful awareness is sometimes called “Girding up the Loins.”  In Ancient society men and women wore tunics. When it was time to do hard work or to go into battle they were told to “gird up their loins” which meant to pull up their tunics and prepare for action.

If we look at this metaphysically, and its relevance to us today, to “gird up our loins,” would be to step into our spiritual awareness,  which is always present.  When we notice and are aware of this calming Presence within us, we sense a peacefulness and follow this path of peace and intuition on what is ours to do in this moment.

Taking a step into Wholeness is not a passive stand, for it empowers us to engage in what is meaningful and important to us.  And when we do anything  from a sense of wholeness, we embrace the moment in front us us mindfully.

What does this look like for us today in this pandemic, protests and political division? 

It looks like making your jewelry; painting your pictures; creating a song; teaching your classes; creating a lovely garden; cooking your favorite foods for your family; keeping yourself healthy and active through walks, biking, swimming.

Respect yourself and others through washing your hands and wearing your masks out in public, for they are part of the show for now.   Yet before all of those steps,  the first is to Gird up your Loins by stepping into the Awareness that You Are Pure Being  and as Pure Being live from your inner wisdom, intelligence and love.  Spiritual Awareness heals our bodies, our emotions, and through absolutely no struggle, one can sense the Spaciosness in which we all live.

May we live from Awareness
Rev Janice


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