Why I attend Unity

I have attended many different denominations over the years.  As a girl, I walked to the neighborhood Lutheran church; as a teen I went to dances at St. Tecla’s with my girlfriends;  as a young mother I took my children to the Presbyterian church, enjoying the choir, and the Friday night pizza with friends.

I never thought about attending these churches because I wanted to hear the message.  The message was usually depressing, however I think the Presbyterian church won the award for making me feel worse about myself as a sinner than when I had arrived.

It wasn’t until I had my accident years ago that I had an experience of waking up from this trance.  I  realized there were other ways of seeing things and that I only needed to question the notions that had been carefully woven into the fabric of my belief system.

Years later I walked into a Unity Church,  and for the first time I wanted to hear the message;  for it was a message of empowerment, a message of equality; a message of worthiness; a message of acceptance, love, compassion  and being an expression of the One Life force.  We are all called to awaken to our oneness with God, with each other and with all creation.  This message made sense to me and aligned with what I really knew was true but had no words to express.

Today, I am so honored and grateful that I am able to share the Principles of Unity.  The message of our interconnectedness is consistent with revelations of current science and with the teachings of spiritual masters, including Jesus Christ.

Unity believes and teaches that a species-wide, shared spiritual awakening to our oneness with God, each other and all creation is critical to the future of humanity. Nothing in humanity is more important or more promising. Unity is about advancing the movement of shared spiritual awakening and transformation.

When we surrender our belief system and let these ancient teachings live in us, we experience Spiritual truth, and realize this truth abides in us all..

“On that day you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me and I in you.”  (John 14:18)

In Oneness,  Rev Janice


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