For the last few weeks we have been discussing the Wisdom teachings brought to us by Jesus.

Wisdom invites us to see the ground of being, the ground from which all that is emanates from and open ourselves to it rather than being distracted by what you desire.

Being present to the moment at hand, is opening ourselves to the Kingdom of Heaven. When we engage life directly, we are available to notice intuition rising or we can hear with our inner ear for guidance or clairvoyance, which is truly part of our birthright.

Intuition is more mainstream to talk about, as we hear people say “I had a hunch,” but Clairvoyance can cause people to “roll” their eyes, yet clairvoyance is also one of our inner resources;

Years ago, I was driving down Groesbeck Highway in Michigan, going about 50 miles an hour, when I heard a distinctive voice say to me, “slow down.” I slowed down for absolutely no rational reason and sure enough a moment later a train rushed through with no warning signals nor crossing guard rails coming down. Had I not heard this “voice,” I would not have had enough time to stop.

This Sunday, we continue our wisdom teachings, with an amazing story from J Allen Boone, about communicating with monkeys.

Boone, a reporter, mystic, world traveler, and author of many books including, his classic, “The Language of Silence,” developed his inner subtle abilities to communicate with animals. Today we would call him an “animal whisperer.” He is most famous for his work with training Rin Tin Tin.

The key says Boone to “training animals” is to meet them at their level. A level, which is not master/trainee, but a horizontal level filled with respect, love, good will and appreciation for being a beautiful and wise creature of God and to understand they are excellent teachers of wisdom.

Be well,

Rev Janice


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