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Face to Faith
My daughter, Jill was in last week.  We walked the beach just off the Jetty. Such an interesting expression of beauty.  While in places it was sunny and bright, we could see the ominous clouds and rain in the distance.  Many of us have experienced this phenomenon;  it could be raining on one block and not reach the other.

This is true of life.  We have incredibly beautiful and joyous experiences and challenging sad ones, often happening at the same time.

Unity Principles give us the ability to Face life with Faith.  Our Faith in God is unshakable and has nothing to do with deserving or not deserving.

We understand that we are part of the One Life we call God, and we see God as an energy, an essence of Love that can never be diminished.  This understanding comes when one is tired of the old conditional God that punishes and rewards.

To mature spiritually is to come Face to Faith with the awareness that all we ever need is to be aware of who we are.  That who we are is a reflection of  this One Presence/Power we call God, and in that moment the sun bursts forth inside and we see a rainbow,  confirming what we knew in our heart.  No mater the appearance it is all of God.

This day claim your wholeness that God is the energy that lives and moves and breaths you. For as you put on the yoke of the Christ Light, you walk guided by this Light and rainbows point the way

God Morning,
Rev  Janice


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