You have all you need, inside

What is it that you want?  What is it you think you lack?

Thinking we must acquire something in order to feel complete and whole shifts our attention out from the depths of Spirit where we can experience a subtle vibrational knowing we call intuition.

Gnosticism speaks of these interior, intuitive energies.  They taught the knowledge of transcendence was arrived at by way of interior, intuitive means. If we follow this guidance, these subtle energies of life, we discover we draw out from us and to us all that we need.

Shifting out from Presence places us in a strange land called the Wants , where there is much misery and turmoil and gnashing of teeth. A tiny shift inward realigns us with this Force.

I met a woman yesterday from Russia, Elena. She has never attended a Unity church,  yet she commented that the minute she walked in our doorway, she appreciated the energies and how she felt at our center.

She said she is on a spiritual path and has done a lot of listening to Joe Dispensa and other spiritual teachers but did not know there was a church that taught these ideas.

I asked her what brought her to her spiritual awareness and she said she experienced something so incredible and amazing but when she has shared it with others they think it is crazy.

I asked if she would share it and she told a story about when she was in the midst of a challenging time for her, newly divorced and not sure what was the next step in her life she decided to take an art class.

She said she had never done any art work before but she always wanted to paint. One morning she got out her paints and stood before her canvas feeling very sad and distraught.  She stepped back and looked at her canvas and she began to feel her hand tremble.  She said it felt as if it were being guided by an invisible force. She had never felt anything like this before, she said she put the brush to the canvas and it was like God was directing her movements.

A Spiritual quest is not a journey where we are to get something; it is a journey where we leave all that we think we know and think we want behind, only to fall into a vast silent abyss of stillness where intuitive, interior revelations reveal our next step, movement or brush stoke.
Rev Janice


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