Birthing a Greater Reality

Sometimes as I awaken, for a moment I forget we are in the midst of this Pandemic.  I also understand that I realize that because of this momentary forgetfulness, I am one of the most fortunate people alive at this time.  There are so many who cannot momentarily forget they are living through this nightmare. 

We hear people talk about wanting to return to normal when I am not sure that can ever happen because our relationship with each other and with our Earth must change.  This pandemic and the climate crisis come from the same mindset of separation, duality and fuels violence.

So what can we do, those who are truly fortunate? 
We can be conscious as to how we treat one another.  And that starts with how we treat ourselves during this quarantine.  We can integrate into our lives spiritual practices which take down the blinders of duality and enhance our willingness to serve Spirit in all her forms.

To support your Spirit?     Take up a daily 20 minute practice of meditation?
To support your Body?     Take a half hour of  walking, biking, hiking.
To support your Mind?      Take one of the many classes offered on line. Either through Unity Worldwide, Unity. FM, Hay House or SoundsTrue.   Gaia also bring  worthwhile programming into our lives.
To support your Soul?  Join us on Wednesday for an hour of guided meditation at 11 on Zoom.  Join us Friday’s for Virtual Reiki, on Zoom which we started last Friday and has been a big hit.  Call in on Monday’s for A Course in Miracles Conference Call.

Let us deepen our spiritual connection so that when we are able to return to a more normal lifestyle we are capable to do so with our mind and heart open and willing to let ourselves live from a mindset of love, compassion and kindness. 

See this as our opportunity to hone our compassion skills, cultivate our forgiveness muscles so that we can take authentic steps.
New Thought Christianity, which Unity is a part of,  is a very powerful force for conscious evolution.  We are the Torchbearers of Conscious Spirituality through metaphysical Christianity.

Here are five guidelines that Rev Brummet developed for conscious evolutionaries. 

  1. Make friends with paradox.  The nature of existence is paradoxical.  Nature has no problems with that. Only the human mind does.
  2. Cultivate the power of intention and attention. 
  3. Embrace everything. Cling to nothing.
  4. Listen, listen, listen.  The Universe is speaking to us in a thousand ways.
    5.  To birth a greater reality,  we must dance with chaos.  (Don’t let you mind tell you to stop dancing).
    Join us Sunday on Facebook Live found at our Unity Facebook page at 10 AM We will be broadcasting our message from our lovely sanctuary.

Because of your love and generosity we are holding our spiritual home together.  It is ready and waiting for all of us to gather again in Unity.  We are grateful for your continued support of our Spiritual family. 
Please continue through sending your Love offerings to PayPal found on our website at or mail your check to our church at 3414 Sunrise Blvd, Fort Pierce, Fl 34982. 

We are Grateful
Rev Janice 


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