Enthusiasm is being filled with Love

“One of my neighbors just recently shared how she watched the movie The Secret and how she wanted to live from a more positive state of mind.

I shared how The Secret has brought to many this idea that we get to choose how we respond to things and see things.  She was very enthusiastic about the idea of bringing more good things into her life because of this positive state of mind.

Wanting to do something with the idea of cause and effect is the slipping away from knowing that God/Presence/Spirit is living us and knows what we need.

Living from enthusiasm/zeal is an inherent gift that we express because it is our nature and not because we want to draw to us material things.

However, interesting, when we live from such enthusiasm, we are filled with God and become magnets to our good.  What we hold in mind manifests in kind is a spiritual principle of how energy works.  Look for good and you will find it. Look for what is wrong and you will find it.

“Search and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you.”
Turn inward. Search and knock on the door of your heart with appreciation and gratitude for all that is good and you will experience this incredible Presence of Love.
That is the Secret we are looking for.
Rev Janice

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