Presence is Worth Living For

“Whoever has will be given more, and they will have abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them”  (Matthew13:12)

Labor Day for many of us was a day of rest. Rather than outdoor picnics, the rain and clouds kept most people gathered inside.   Scrabble, reading, a little yoga, just what I needed to refresh and renew.  The world teaches us that we must be doing something, be productive and chase after the illusive image of success.

Right here now, we are being presenced, filled with the energy of life, love and wisdom. Taking some time or a day to rest is not that the life force needs to rest, for it is constantly flowing. Our form, mind and emotions need to unplug from the world so that we can Be clear and conscious conductors of this energy. We need to rest so that we can Be present with what we are doing as we move through our day.

Each morning at dawn the herons gather near our back yard and unfurl their wings, taking in the morning sun – they are gathering energy into themselves so they are ready to live this day.  Likewise, we must receive the daily bread, (spiritual nourishment) given to us freely and we accept it when we connect with Source.

All of us have blind spots where we live from mental concepts and are not awake to the unlimited possibilities the non-local field or Kingdom of Heaven holds. We need rest to process the appearances we’ve judged and release them through our system, so that we can begin again from an intention that is aligned with a vision that holds meaning  to our lives.

I appreciate the courage of Nike who has hired Colin Kaepernick to be the face of  their brand. This image shows the world to be brave and live from your vision and beliefs – for they raise us all up.

Thrashing about in the thick of  illusory  mental constructs keeps us living in the ways of the world,  using strategies to yield, manipulate, leave it all behind or use violence to destroy. We must rise above the ways of the world and we do that through resting, contemplating, Being with Presence lifting up our attitude, our vibrational frequency, and we can see from a higher perspective, giving us more conscious awareness and gratitude for the abundance we have.

Lift up our eyes and take a few breaths and feel the altitude of your attitude rise up.  From this dimension your aptitude and ability soar, and you might get a Nike deal…

— Rev. Janice Cary

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