Be Your Own Authority

Authority and authenticity is like a breath of fresh air. When we find ourselves being authentic, there is a lightness and enthusiasm about life. It is a feeling of freedom and adventure like going on a vacation. When I was a child, my family and I would pack up our trailer and go on camping trips with the When-Do-We-Go’s, a Michigan chapter of a National Campers and Hikers Association group my parents belonged to. While preparing our trailer all I could focus on was the excitement of the adventure and the friends I would meet up with once we arrived at the campground.

When we are open, clear and Present to life, we are not being pulled or pushed by society or old programs that run in our head. When Jesus said to his disciples in Matthew “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own, today’s trouble is enough for today.” I do not believe he meant to ignore the future. However, if our minds are worried over the future or reliving the past we cannot be present to the beautiful experiences of today.

If we are not present, we are prey for others to occupy our mental realm. Our mind is magnificent and brilliant and we do not want to waste it on worrying over the “What ifs.” We can choose to live by divine intention or divine design. This means we choose how we will show up and Be this day. Intention is a tool that helps us place our heart and mind on what is important and meaningful to us.

Being human, it is very easy for our feelings to get hurt and once hurt ideas of rejection surface and blame comes on its heels, with its justifications. But as Jesus said, “Strive for the Kingdom of God..” Striving for the Kingdom is Centering in our “I Am,” and when centered, our nervous system relaxes, we breathe a little easier and we realize that “nothing and no one is against us.”

We are all on a spiritual journey from the ego into our Divine Identity as Spiritual Beings.

When we lift our eyes above our perceptions, we live from an awareness that all of creation is operating from their own level of consciousness. This awareness allows us to be forgiving and see what is good and right and beautiful about this day.

Even in the midst of this virus and election and economy we have a choice as to how we show up and experience our lives. We can cover our eyes with worry and awfulizing or we can choose to live from Intention, Attention, Appreciation, Humility, Forgiveness, Love, Light and Brilliance.

Even writing those qualities of Spirit, causes me to smile. Do not let your light dim. We need all of us to let our Authentic Light shine.

Rev Janice
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